François-Pierre LANI

François-Pierre LANI holds a DESS, postgraduate degree, in Law, Computing and New Technologies (Paris XI University) and is a renown specialist in Computing Law and New IT Law and will personally make sure all his experience and knowledge ensure the proper execution of the mission.

François-Pierre spent 10 years working as a lawyer and a legal consultant in many different company’s legal departments amongst which AXA, SLIGOS (ATOS) and the ELF AQUITAINE group. His working experience in major companies and as a contract manager for 3 years provides a great asset for our Law firm.

François-Pierre was a lecturer on Contract Techniques for Master II students of Digital Creations at Paris XI University.


It contracts — complex contracts
IT Litigation
IT project monitoring
Intellectual property
Personal data protection
Content dematerialisation, internet and e-commerce
Insurance and technological risks
Labour law
Business litigation – Distribution
Public business law
Company and Corporate Law