Content dematerialisation, internet and e-commerce

Dematerialisation as at the heart of new technologies. Its development is a central issue in our current economy.

That is why our firm has built up strong expertise in this field and now offers a wide range of services in the areas of content and tool dematerialisation and e-commerce :

Our overall offer allows us to deal from A to Z with all legal issues an e-business might face, such as :

  • audit, draw-up and negotiation of all specific contracts : website developing, hosting (ASP/SaaS), general terms and conditions of Sale, licenses…;
  • trademark tracking and registration (in France and overseas) ;
  • dealing with copyright issues one may encounter

We can also deal with much more specific and complex issues such as those regarding :

  • security of on-line banking and e-commerce transactions
  • proceedings in view of suitable archival rules ;
  • marketing of innovating and/or sensitive dematerialisation tools (NFC, on-line payment, on-line medical records…) ;
  • mobile phone applications

We also offer IT and electronic contract drafting which deal with  procedures leading to the dematerialisation of legal acts (Electronic registered letter, simple or advanced electronic signatures).

We will gather means of electronic evidence (online reports) during litigation and pre-litigation. In this respect, our firm has a network of specialised professionals which it turns to frequently to carry out legal reports (bayliffs, IT experts)

Our firm regularly intervenes alongside its clients and partners (such as SYNTEC NUMERIQUE or CNEJITA) to inform them on matters of electronic evidence, electronic signature, constituent acts and electronic contract award procedures.

The team dealing with this activity comprises François-Pierre Lani, Pierre-Yves MargnouxGeorges Jenselme, Alexandre FiévéeGéraldine Pacaut, Emilie BacqAude GérardClara Payan and Alice Robert.