Business litigation – Distribution

The structure of relationships among economic actors can be difficult and cause litigation with significant issues. that’s why we offer our clients our knowledge and expertise regarding business litigation and distribution.

A team of experienced lawyers up to date with all economic actors, legal regulations, procedural rules and with substantial expertise in corporate law litigation are at your service.

We also intervene in various economical environments/sectors (IT, Energy, Industry, Real Estate, Publishing, Distribution, etc…) in all aspects of corporate and distribution litigation such as :

  • Litigation between partners or share and stock buyers/sellers, business, property;
  • Civil or Criminal liability of manager or CEO;
  • Liability in the case of a breakdown in negotiations, breach of contract, particularly in distribution and terminations of established commercial relationships;
  • Professional liability of key p^layers in the business world (chartered accountant, counsellor, estate agent, businesses, architects, development departments, engineering offices, etc.);
  • Unfair competition suits (customer poaching, staff poaching,) or commercial parasitism;
  • Litigation between the payer and sales agent, proxy, business finder, broker or any other intermediary;
  • Litigation regarding contract implementation or termination, especially regarding franchise agreements, contract commissioning, concession contract, distribution agreement, purchase contract etc;
  • Anti-competitive behaviour;

We also intervene in corporate criminal law and assist managers or companies charged with a criminal offence related to their activity ( occupational accidents, non-compliance with labour laws or competition laws, breach of trust, fraud, illegal subcontracting, unlawful loan of labour, etc…) in all stages of criminal prosecution, including preliminary investigations and trial and appeal proceedings.

In order to bring our clients clear added value in the areas of business litigation and distribution, we intend to :

  • Determine a litigation strategy right from the start;
  • Give pragamatic advice on the possibility of being convicted;
  • Not excluding the possibility of finding an amicable settlement to the dispute or any other alternative procedure such as mediation, conciliation or arbitration;
  • Regularly inform our clients on the process of the legal proceedings;
  • Provide detailed work on the file and attachments confided to us;
  • Use our expertise in litigation and our experience before courts of law to present judges with compelling files and persuasive analysis;
  • Position oneself so as to face a trial and not endure it;

On this basis, we work in synergy with insurance companies specialised in the field (AXA, CHUBB, etc.)

The team dealing with this activity comprises Georges JenselmeFrançois-Pierre LaniEmmanuel BenoîtGéraldine Pacaut, Aurélien KaousClara Payan and Marie Sevin.