IT Litigation

« Derriennic Associés is a great firm to deal with IT litigation. » (Legal 500 – Classement EMEA 2012)

« This human-size law firm enjoys a strong reputation on the French market, especially in matters of technologies and IT litigation » (Chambers & Partners Europe – Classement Europe 2012)

Throughout the years DA has become a leading law firm in IT and technology litigation.

With a group of specialist lawyers who focus on IT, our firm has developed genuine expertise in the relevant field, both in pre-litigation situations regarding major IT project monitoring and judicial procedures

One of the main aspects of IT litigation is that it not only mixes complex technical issues with tactical and strategical considerations but it is also subject to the outcome of legal reports which often precede court hearings.

Our role as lawyers are to act as genuine integrators whose tasks are to provide a summary of the contributions submitted by the client’s internal teams and the advice of expert consultants, thus combining fact, technicity and law.

Because our firm excels in IT litigation, DA fully masters all different aspects of IT litigation and is fully invested in judiciary reports in order to obtain the best possible result.

However, despite its well-known belligerence, D&A is a great believer of alternative dispute-settlement arrangements, i.e through mediation, and prioritises amicable settlements each time it is possible.

The team in charge of the field above mentioned is composed of François-Pierre Lani, Pierre-Yves Margnoux, Georges JenselmeAlexandre FiévéeGéraldine Pacaut, Emilie Bacq, Aude Gérard, Aurélien Kaous, Clara Payan, Camille Rod, Alice Robert, Marie Sevin and Chloé Kurfürst.