It contracts — complex contracts

Computer and IT projects are key issues for businesses when it intends to implement a new solution either for its very own needs, or on the behalf of a corporate client.

Drafting, drawing up and negotiating a quality contract helps you manage and control the risks of the project, the balance between both parties’ commitments and the required means that will ensure a successful outcome.

In addition to their very own areas of  practise, all lawyers at D&A have received specific training in drawing up and negotiating simple or complex IT contracts, in French or English.

We have a pragmatic and functional approach and provide rigorous compositional clarity. Which means we don’t draw up a contract just “ to satisfy us as lawyers”,  we seek its operational efficiency  as a tool. We constantly work towards drawing up a contract which is robust, efficient, sustainable and  furthermore adapted to each particular case.

Our aim is to secure our clients commitments while limiting consulting fees and ensuring small processing delays and a constant level of quality.

Because our firm has an in-depth knowledge of the IT sector and its legislation and years of experience in advice and litigation in matters of IT, it is constantly solicited to assist its clients in drawing up and negociating all types of contracts, especially in the fields of banking, stock exchanges, insurances, transport, tourism, industry (automobile, electricity, publishing, Smart Cards), electric power distribution, defence electronics and even public procurement.

Our clients are private sector actors such as publishers, integrators, service companies and major account customers as well as public entities.

We work in back-offices as well as alongside you or in your name with your contractors within the framework of major contractual issues in France and overseas.

The team dealing in this field is made up of François-Pierre Lani, Pierre-Yves Margnoux, Georges Jenselme, Alexandre FiévéeGéraldine Pacaut, Emilie BacqAude Gérard, Aurélien Kaous, Clara Payan, Camille Rod and Chloé Kurfürst.