Intellectual property

Presentation of our services

We assist our clientèle in the setting up of their policy of exploitation and protection of their incorporeal assets, and in this regard we act both in consultation and litigation.

The office covers all areas of intellectual property, information technology and associated sectors.

We act in many areas:

  • IT
  • electronic trade
  • press
  • event publicity and communication
  • pharmaceutical laboratories
  • heavy industry


Patents and technology transfers

The office assists its clients in the strategy for the defence and protection of their technical patrimony, and this with the assistance of industrial property counsel:

  • litigation regarding infringement and nullity of patents
  • judicial audits of patent portfolios and contracts concerning professional know- how
  • drafting of research and development, technical cooperation and technology transfer agreements.

We assist our clients in all industrial sectors and in particular in IT, telecommunications and heavy industry.

Trade-marks, designs and models, property names

Our office assists its clients in the strategy for the exploitation of their distinctive emblems:

  • Advice regarding distinctive emblem protection strategy
  • Research concerning antecedents, deposits, opposition management, in France and abroad.
  • Audits of trade-marks, property names, designs and models and other intellectual property rights with a view to relinquishing or acquiring these assets, or any projected operation involving the aforementioned.
  • Licence franchise and distribution contracts
  • Partial contribution of assets, managed lettings, or other restructuring operations.
  • Our office ensures the defence of its clients’ trademarks and property names before the judicial administrative or arbitration authorities ( more particularly before the OMP arbitration tribunal ).
  • Oppositions, infringement, cancellation, disqualification and claim actions, customs seizures.
  • Preventive actions both regarding professionals consumers and public authorities.

Literary and artistic property

Our office acts in anticipation regarding the following:

  • Definition and protection strategy for our clients’ intellectual patrimony.
  • The elaboration of contracts suited to acquisition or relinquishment and the defining of remuneration policies for authors or others legally capacitated.

We also offer a litigation service in this matter both in suit and in defence.

The team dealing with the above consists of François-Pierre Lani, Pierre -Yves MargnouxGeorges Jenselme, Alexandre Fiévée, Géraldine Pacaut, Nathalie Araujo, Emilie Bacq, Aurélien Kaous, Clara Payan, Alice Robert, and Camille Rod.