Public business law

In France more than 66000 Public Collectivities are subject, for the awarding and execution of their contracts, to the specific regulations of the public authority and the specific judicial regime governing administrative contracts. The total annual public expenditure on these contracts amounts to more than 11% of G.D.P ( about 200 billion €uros per year…)

The copious litigation connected with these contracts derives mainly from administrative jurisdictions ( Administrative Tribunals, Administrative Apeal Courts, and Council of State ), or certain judicial jurisdictions specially designated by the law to judge private matters arising from public authority contracts entered into by a category of private law corporations carrying out public service tasks.

Derrienic Associates numbers among its collaborators experienced advertizing lawyers whose activity is concentrated on advice and litigation arising from public authority contracts.

Whether it be for public contracts ( works, supplies or services ) delegation of public services ( concessions, renting, profit sharing ), or partnership contracts ( PPP, AOT long term leases ), Derrienic Associates counts among its personnel with public sector and semi public sector ( works management ) entities, as well as many economic operators in the technological innovation sectors ( work management, work management assistants, editors, integrators, industrialists.. ).

Among the activities of the public business department :

  • Advice for the choice of contractual structures adapted to the needs of the public entity;
  • Guidance in the drafting of contractual documents concerning complex operations and the various regulatory procedures for consultation;
  • Assistance and representation during the phases before litigation ( complaint memoranda, summonses, rebuttals );
  • Assistance in expert evaluations, negotiations and settlements;
  • Representation before the judicial and administrative jurisdictions concerning contractual validity appeals, compensation  litigation, provisional order procedures…;

The team dealing with the above is composed of Georges Jenselme, François-Pierre LaniMarie Sevin and André Nasset.