Legal skills

Digital Law

The office has built up solid expertise in the dematerialisation of content, tools and processes. The office supports its clients across all their dematerialisation projects and for the purposes of e-commerce:
  • from our overall range of services, enabling us to deliver end-to-end management of the legal issues encountered by any business wishing to dematerialise its client relations (including via setting up/reviewing the legal notices, GCU/GCS, confidentiality policy, cookie banner and the client pathway from an internet site or a mobile app, whether commercial or otherwise, a collaborative platform or a file/data sharing tool, social networks and B to B and B to C relations);
  • right up to much more specialist and complex issues such as :
    • safeguarding (in part or in full) insurance companies’ dematerialised subscription procedures;
    • the legal value of an “ephemeral” certificate for the contract operations associated with insurance products on an agency or remote basis;
    • the conditions for the implementation of the WYSWYS (“What You See is What You Sign”) principle;
    • the legal value of a digital signature appended to a life insurance form, or a virtual delivery slip by means of a stylus on a tablet;
    • the evidential value of certain dematerialised deeds (arbitration, etc.);
    • proof management and the enforceability conditions of an evidence clause;
    • the concept of online “reposting” of pre-contractual information within the meaning of the Insurance and Communication Code on a “permanent medium” within the meaning of the Consumer Code;
    • e-billing;
    • e-archiving;
    • the commercialisation of innovative and/or sensitive dematerialisation tools (NFC, online payment, dematerialised medical records, etc.);
    • mobile apps enabling subscription and arbitration with regard to insurance products or subscription and benefits of particular products/services such as teleconsultation, online coaching, vehicle rental and even the “ignition keys” for rented vehicles, purchases of foodstuffs or exchanges of second-hand products, the drafting of flight plans for pilots, and apps for internal purposes within a business, such as equipment management and human capital management, etc.
  • ​via the drafting of IT and electronic contracts managing the processes enabling deeds to be dematerialised (electronic registered letter, electronic signature) at national, European and global levels;
  • ​or the production of electronic means of proof (internet statements) in the framework of litigation and pre-litigation. In that connection, the office is surrounded by a network of specialist professionals, whom it frequently calls upon to set up statement procedures (court bailiffs, IT experts).
The office regularly has dealings with its clients, as well as its partners (such as SYNTEC NUMERIQUE or CNEJITA), as part of training courses in electronic proof, electronic signature, e-billing and the arrangements for the conclusion of electronic deeds and contracts.
Team : Georges JENSELME, François-Pierre LANI, Pierre-Yves MARGNOUX, Bruno DUCOULOMBIER, Alexandre FIEVEE, Géraldine PACAUT, Alice ROBERT, Sophie DUPERRAY, Gaétan DUFOULON, Aurélien KAOUS, Audrey MAC GARRY, Clara PAYAN, Jules de PERTHUIS, Camille ROD,