Legal skills

Collective procedure

Derriennic Associates advises its clients in the field of collective procedures, whether they be businesses in difficulty, court officers, managers or institutions guaranteeing wage claims.

The office will step in as soon as the difficulties arise (prevention assistance, ad hoc mandate, conciliation, safeguard, declarations of suspension of payment, seeking agreements with creditors, guarantees on debtors, etc.), but equally at every stage of the collective procedure.

Advice is also provided to creditors (claims, declarations of claim, right of retention, etc.), for Derriennic Associates is also regularly entrusted with controller tasks, including by the AGS (Association for the Management of Employee Claims.

The assistance provided by Derriennic Associates extends to cover representing its clients in litigation before the labour courts in connection with the open collective procedure or in operations to transfer or acquire business capital or assets, under the aegis of the Tribunal, in the context of a collective procedure.

The major remits entrusted to the office are:

  • Restructuring operations;
  • Assistance to the board;
  • Ad hoc mandate;
  • Conciliation;
  • Assistance in the declaration of suspension of payment;
  • Monitoring and management of the observation period;
  • Debt renegotiations;
  • Assistance on restructuring;
  • Monitoring of collective procedures;
  • Defence of managers – claims for a shortfall in assets;
  • Assistance to creditors and declarations of claim;
  • Creditors committee;
  • Claims / right of retention;
  • Controller missions
Team : François-Pierre LANI, Emmanuel BENOIT, Victor CHAUVE, Aurélien KAOUS, Jules de PERTHUIS,