Legal skills


Derriennic Associates works frequently on cybersecurity, both at a preventive level and post-incident.

In addition to a contractual audit on the commitments applicable to current suppliers and service providers in terms of IT security, the office equally supports its clients in setting up organisational processes and drafting various preparatory deliverables.

As part of a preventive remit, Derriennic Associates furnishes the client with long-term support in order to develop specimen documents and simulations which are ready for immediate use when a cyber attack occurs which demands a rapid reaction and may require notifications to the authorities within a tight time frame.

Accordingly, the office supports its clients in looking at the most likely scenarios in terms of the activity, making sure staff are informed and drafting missions and a preliminary report by an expert IT security adviser, CNIL or ANSSI notifications depending on the risks identified or specific bailiff remits for statement purposes.

Such interventions are defined specifically for each entity in order to be able to deliver the optimum management in the event of any cyberattack.

The office also has at its disposal acknowledged IT cybersecurity experts and agencies specialising in crisis communication, supplemented by the client’s own specific internal skills (prepared during the prevention phase), for the sake of ensuring the effectiveness of the actions and the management of an IT attack.

Team : François-Pierre LANI, Alexandre FIEVEE, Gaétan DUFOULON, Aurélien KAOUS,