Legal skills

Labour law


Over time, Derriennic Associates has built up an outstanding labour law team that has developed particular expertise in the SYNTEC branch.

Whether they need advice or assistance with litigation, Derriennic Associates supports companies in all their legal issues related to human resources management.

Our philosophy is to place labour law at the heart of the economic efficiency of the enterprise and to focus on a labour law which is more contractual and better negotiated in order to anticipate and adapt to changes in work.

Our strength lies in our hypertechnicity and our ability to provide customers with practical solutions in all areas of employment law: the social management of restructuring and social plans, social audits, collective bargaining and social relations, individual labour relations, employee savings and share ownership, individual and collective litigation, criminal labour law, pension and provident, international mobility, psychosocial risks, health and safety, etc.

Alongside leading players in the field of NICT, our labour law team also has specific expertise related to the impact of new technologies on labour law (cyber-surveillance of employees, writing IT charters, use of NICT by representative institutions, problems related to the use of computer tools in the business, impact of the GDPR on methods of proof and employer/employee relations, etc.).

Our culture revolves around results and long-term support for our clients.

Team : Sabine SAINT-SANS, François-Pierre LANI, Laurent CAILLOUX-MEURICE, Pauline LE GUINIO, Carole FRANCO,